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App NameCollection practices
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RequirementAndroid 5.0+

Description of Collection practices

Add numbers from 1 digit to 5 digits with 9 different languages ​​and 3 difficulty levels. you may need a ledger when trading large numbers. do not worry! there’s also a scratchboard inside!

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Fast, practical and fun. Learning math has never been so easy!


Addition is when two mathematical expressions (known or unknown numbers and numbers) come together to form a result.

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A, B, C => B + B = C, in addition, A and B are the numbers added, and C is called the sum.

Features of the Aggregation Process

1. Cover feature:

The sum of two natural numbers is again a natural number. For a N b N (a + b) N

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2. Change feature:

In addition, if the places of the added numbers change, the sum does not change. for a N and b N; A + b = b + a is the variable property of addition.

3. Merging feature:

In finding the sum of the three natural numbers, the sum of the two desired terms can be summed up by the third. The merger property, a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c If there is a positive number k that satisfies the equation a = b + k; It is said that a is greater than b. Shown as a> b. If a and b are any two positive numbers, a = b, ab. A second decimal system operation can be described by successive addition. 5 + 5 + 5 for a N, b N and c N; (a + b) + c = a + (b + c).

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4. Ineffective element feature:

The number zero is an ineffective element in a set of natural numbers according to addition.