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App NameRoman Coin Mahjong
CategoryGames, Puzzle
Package Namecom.mozayenigames.romanmahjong
Rating 5
Size14.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 7.0+

Description of Roman Coin Mahjong

Roman Coin Mahjong is a competitive version of a Mahjong solitaire matching game.

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In this matching game, you will be racing against the clock to find matching Roman coin pairs, which are then removed from the board. When all the coins have been removed from the board, unlike other Mahjong or matching games, a list of facts about a Roman Emperor(s) will be revealed and you will advance to the next level.

If you can not match all the Roman coin pairs in time then you will remain at the same level and be given a chance to replay the level with a different grouping of Roman coins.

As you progress from level to level in the game, you will achieve progressively higher ranks, which are shown below.

Plebe – Citizen of Rome

Eques – Knight of Rome

Patrician – Nobleman of Rome

Tribune – Magistrate

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Senator – Leading Nobleman

Consul – Chief Magistrate

Caesar – Ruler in Training

Emperor – Ruler of the Roman Empire

Deity – Roman God or Goddess

If you manage to reach the highest rank (Deity) then your level will no longer advance and the game will be effectively over. However, you can continue to play the game and show your friends how many levels how many levels it took you to reach the highest rank.

The Roman coins used in the game are from the reign of the following Emperors:

Augustus (29 BC – 14 AD)

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Tiberius (14 – 37 AD)

Gaius (Caligula) (37 – 41 AD)

Claudius (41 – 54 AD)

Nero (54 – 68 AD)

Enjoy !!!

NOTE: This game was formerly called “Roman Mahjong – The Matching Game 👍” and “Roman Mahjong”, but was changed in hopes of getting a better ranking in the Google Play Store.
Upgrade Release Notes:

Welcome To version 1.9 of Roman Coin Mahjong.

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A competitive version of the solitaire Mahjong matching game with Roman coins and a background containing trivia about Roman Emperor(s).

Updated internal software libraries per Google.