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App NameTravesky
CategoryGames, Puzzle
Package Namecom.neauangle.traveskyfree
Rating 5
Size23.1 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.3+

Description of Travesky

An abstract space-themed puzzle game with unique mechanics and challenging gameplay.

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Fully customisable UI themes and a variety of game modes ranging from casual (but difficult) 5-minute arcade sessions to hand-designed puzzles and a turn-based strategy format.





 ★ Solve 58 hand-crafted puzzles. Discover your place in the galaxy and the significance of the Womb of Eldden.

 ★ Run the Gauntlet: a highly re-playable arcade mode perfect for quick plays and bragging rights.

Multiplayer (2-4 players)


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 ★ Battle Mode: Use your mastery of turn-based strategy and subspace mechanics to take control of the manifold.

 ★ High-Score Mode: Find the best solution to win.

 ★ Uniques Mode: Find the solutions others fail to see and cancel out your opponents’ points.

 ★ Train against a bot1.

 ★ Highly configurable game settings: explore different variations of the main game types.

 ★ Self-hosted local LAN and online matchmaking.

Wherever it makes sense you are given the opportunity to review your opponents’ solutions, both to learn from them and to verify for yourself that those solutions do, in fact, exist 😉👍.

1: Only available for high-score and uniques modes. This is because even though the rules are quite simple… I haven’t been able to program a decent AI for it (yet).

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Developer notes


Design principles of this game include potential Phone<–>PC networking cross-compatibility with a focus on de-centrality. This means your game data is not not synced with Google’s cloud (if you get a new device and still have access to your old one, you should be able to copy over the file manually).

Also, in an attempt to keep the Gauntlet leaderboard meaningful, high scores are shared amongst players you meet in multiplayer (as opposed to a single authoritative leaderboard).

Have fun!


PS: Please email me with any suggestions, complaints or just to let me know if you found the story and/or some of the puzzles intriguing!

That would be awesome 👍.
This release:

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– Manifold is now visible in puzzle mode

Recent releases:

– Re-kerjiggered puzzle order

– Added rule book in multiplayer settings

– Added game type preference for multiplayer

– Auto option to simplify joining multiplayer games

– Drawings and vector placements are now saved for each puzzles until the app is closed

– Pen tool now has optional arrow ending for drawing split vectors